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For a better understanding of the Team Placement list, please review the WPCYO Eligibility document found on this website. An excerpt from this document is included below,  please pay particular attention to items 6,7 and 8.WPCYO Coordinators, 

One point of clarification with respect to the moving up list, any team that is noted as “May” move up is permitted to remain at last year’s level of play but cannot move down a division.

Eligibility Rules: Rosters

  1. Rosters are the responsibility of the basketball Parish Coordinator. Coordinators must ensure that their program, and all coaches and participants, are adhering to all CYO rules and eligibility guidelines. Coordinators must also confirm that all players meet age and grade requirements.
  2. Coordinators must confirm that all teams in their program are being entered into the appropriate divisions.
  3. By submitting a roster to the CYO office, the Parish Coordinator and team coaches acknowledge the ability of their teams and classification of all their players…parish and exceptions.
  4. Further, they confirm that all new players have not previously played CYO for another team and parish.
  5. All team entries and divisions must be submitted on or before September 29th, 2019.
  6. In regards to teams moving up, any team with a .500 or better record that was associated in any way with the playoffs the previous season, must move up to the next highest division this season. These include teams that: played in the playoffs, played in a play-in game, lost a coin toss, missed out due to head-to-head record or qualified but chose not participate in the playoffs for any reason. Any exceptions must be requested by the Parish Coordinator, and approved by the County Commissioners.
  7. Similarly, no team with a record of .500 or better may move down a division. A team with a record of less than .500 may move down to the next lowest division. 
  8. Any “C Blue” Division team with a record of .750 or better must move up to the “C Orange” Division. Any exceptions must be requested by the Parish Coordinator, and approved by the County Commissioners.
  9. Parishes/schools have until Wednesday, November 1, 2019 to organize and submit all team rosters. Changes must be submitted prior to the first scheduled game. Additions to team rosters must comply with Archdiocesan rules. The final deadline for roster changes is December 1, 2019. No additions are permitted after this date. FAILURE TO COMPLY COULD RESULT IN A TEAM’S AUTOMATIC FORFEITURE OF ALL GAMES UNTIL SUCH TIME A ROSTER IS FILED. All rosters must be completed in full.
  10. In any situations where the participation of a team or parish brings in to question the credibility of those individuals responsible for that team or program, and the actions of that team or program are detrimental to the integrity and credibility of the CYO, then the CYO Central Administration has the right to impose sanctions including removal, reassignment to a different division or the designation as a non-playoff eligible team. These actions will be taken after consultation with the pastor or principal of the offending party and the decision of CYO is final.