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WPCYO – Division Descriptions

September 20, 2022


The below is intended to provide anecdotal/observational guidance when considering proper team placement. The goal is to place players in the appropriate divisions, so they can compete at the correct level, and to ensure all players are fully engaged and put in the best positions to have fun and succeed.

This is not intended to replace or modify the existing rules regarding team placement based on prior year results.

A Division: Above Average

The A Division is intended for above average to elite players. A Division teams have a roster with key players playing competitive basketball for a majority of the year at CYO A and/or competitive AAU levels. Players on A teams typically have above average skills and court awareness, and are comfortable executing offense under pressure defense (full and half court). - Teams declared County Champions advance to Archdiocese Championships competing against other County Champions.

B Division: Solid Average

The B Division is intended for solid average to above average players. B Division teams have a combined roster of average to above average “basketball first” players, with remaining players being athletic and competitive but likely having another sport as their top priority. Players on B teams typically have solid and consistent skills and, similar to the A Division, teams at this level should have the ability to execute offense in pressurized situations (both full and half court). Season ends with  county B playoffs.

C Orange (Playoff eligible): Average

The C Orange Division is intended for average players looking for a slightly less competitive level of play. C Orange teams have a player or two with solid to slightly above average skills, with the remaining roster consisting of devoted players with at least one identifiable basketball skill. These teams/players are committed to becoming B level teams the following season. Season ends with County C Orange playoffs

C Blue (No playoffs): Recreational

The C Blue Division is recreational basketball for players looking to learn and play the game in a fun and safe environment. There is no minimum level of ability suggested or required for a C Blue player or team. This is an opportunity for less skilled players and teams to play basketball at the noted level. Given that there are no playoffs, it is highly encouraged for the coaches to quickly discuss before the game the relative strengths and weaknesses of their respective rosters to best lead to a smart, fun and (slightly) competitive basketball game. Season ends with last scheduled game or by last date of regular season.No playoffs.