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Open to Jr Golfers in grades 6th - 12th Grade


  • To run a Junior Golf Tournament that focuses on introducing grammar school children to the game and tournament format. 
  • To introduce grammar school level golfers to the team concept of golf similar to High School play.


  • This is a competitive tournament, not a clinic.  Those children who participate must have previous experience and understand the basic rules and concepts of golf.
  • Any experienced grammar school golfer in grades 6, 7 and 8 will be eligible to compete (children in 5th grade may compete by exception if the parish/school’s coordinator approves). HS Golfers are eligible as well. 
  • The tournament is open to both boys and girls.
  • This is an open tournament, Any child from public, private and parochial school are welcome to attend.
  • Players must compete for the school they attend or the parish they are registered parishioners.
  • A maximum number of golfers per school will be determined each year based upon available tee times and the number of applicants.  This number will likely vary from year to year.


  • The boy’s tournament will be conducted in a 9 hole stroke play format.  The girl’s tournament will be 9 hole stroke play format. ( its is possible that the tournament format can change)
  • Team Championship: Will be awarded to the boys and girls team with the lowest 4 person team score (coaches must determine their teams prior to the tournament).  All teams must be gender specific. 
  • The individual awards will also be given out for both boys and girls:
    • Low score overall (first, second, third) boy & girls
    • Low score by grade (first, second, third) boys & girls
  • Tee Off:
    • 5th & 6th Grade: 2/3 the distance to the hole.
    • 7th & 8th Grade: 3/4 the distance to the hole. 
    • High School: From tees
    • Lowest Grades will be sent out on the course first. 
  • Players will be ranked by their respective school/parish CYO directors according to ability, with the #1 player with the lowest avg score. 
  • Maximum stoke is Triple Bogey +1. For example, for a par 4 after the 7th stroke pick up and add one stroke max will be 8. Par 3 max score 7.
  • Players can lift clean and place the ball only in sand traps.
  • USGA rules apply to all other circumstances (local rule exceptions will be posted on tournament day).
  • Whiffs count!!!!
  • All players must arrive at the course a minimum of one half hour before their scheduled tee time to check in. If a player is late, they can catch up to their group and place triple bogey + 1 for every hole they missed.


  • All Players must register online at wpcyo.net. Parents will have the ability to pay online via creditcard or mail a check.
  • A players Tee time is not secure until payment has been received. Payment must be received two weeks prior to the event.
  • Waitlist: if the registration exceeds the capacity, a waitlist will be created and will be released in the order they are received.
  • There will be no refund for no shows, as your spot can not be filled.
  • Entry Fee: $50


  • An e-mail is sent to each parish/school coordinator inviting their program to enter a team and outlining the rules & regulations.
  • Each school team will consist of 4 players.  Parish/Schools may send additional teams to the tournament based on available tee times.  Players competing on each school’s teams must be determined before the tournament starts.  No changes to team rosters can be made once the tournament begins.  If for any reason a team member is unable to complete their round once they start play, their team will be eliminated from tournament eligibility.
  • Each parish/school sending a player should send 1 marshal to go out on the course with a foursome.  
  •  Nobody may marshal for their children from their own school. The marshals are in place to insure correct scoring, rules interpretation and fast play.  Marshals may not provide any help to the golfers.
  • Any excess marshals will be utilized to coordinate scoring, facilitate play at key points on the course.
  • Each coordinator must fill out a team profile.
  • Players must meet dress code of PCC.


  • All golfers must provide their own clubs for the tournament.
  • Each golfer will be provided with 3 golf balls and a shirt.
  • Pull/push carts are allowed and encouraged


  • The tournament will be held on June 29, 2022 at Pleasantville Country Club in Pleasantville, NY.
    Start at 11:00AM.
  • A rain date will be determined on the date of the tournament based on course availability.


  • Prizes will be determined based on number of teams entered and overall participants.
  • An Awards ceremony is yet to be determined due to COVID. When things return to normal, The awards ceremony will take place immediately after the tournament.

All participants and support staff must adhere to PCC COVID policies at all times.

Rules subject to change based on course requirements and review.