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All CYO Parish Coordinators/Representatives have a Sign In to this website that will allow them to enter scores for all Teams in that Parish/Club.  Coordinators may also request that a Coach or another volunteer be setup to report scores for a team(s). 

Anyone setup to report scores will get an email reminder within 24 hours after the game, if the score has not yet been reported. Either the Home or Away Team may report, although the responsibility to report is with the HOME Team. 

TIP: If there is a game that is not played, for weather, gym issue etc., the system will continue to send  score reminders until the unplayed game is either canceled or rescheduled.


1)      Report Game Results for a Single Team or Multiple Teams

  • Sign In
  • Click the red Admin button on the very top row (next to the Welcome message)
  • Click the Teams tab that appears on the very top row.
  • Click Enter Results. All un-reported games for the Teams associated with the Sign-In ID will be listed.
  • Enter the "Points"  scored to the right of each Team Name.
  • Enter the scores for as many games as you wish.
  • Press Submit, at the bottom of the screen, to save all
  • Note, there is an orange Actions button next to each matchup listed for result reporting. There is no practical use for this feature at this time.  

2)    Report Game Results for a Single Team or Update an Incorrectly Reported Score:


  • Sign In.
  • Click the WPCYO Teams tab on the horizontal tabs bar. (To the right of WPCYO Home)
  • Use the Change Team drop down boxes to select the Team.
  • Click Results on the vertical menu for that Team.
  • To report results, or change a previously reported results, click the orange Actions button next to a game.
  • Enter the "Points"  scored under each Team Name. (We do not use the optional Extra Points area)
  • Press Submit to save.


NOTE: If you have a local CYO site, any coach assigned to a Team on your site, may report results for that Team.  The Coach would Sign in to your local site, find their Team, select Results page, click edit button, key in scores, save.  OR, wait until the email comes 24 hours after game and press on link to report.